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About Results Fitness Systems

Results Fitness Systems offers coaching services to individuals who want to reach personal fitness goals. Services focus on cyclists, swimmers, runners, triathletes, and those wishing to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Whether the individual is a beginner, a seasoned athlete or currently sedentary, Results Fitness Systems develops an individualized program to fit the athlete's busy schedule.  Time is spent to understand each athlete's goals through detailed assessments and goal setting sessions to ensure the athlete meets or exceeds their fitness goals. 

Building on 30 years of endurance sports experience, John has coached athletes at the Junior Olympics, Xterra World Championships, Aqua-Bike World Championships, and improved ultra-marathoner 100 mile finish times by as much as 3 hours and 45 minutes.

All services are included in the flat monthly rate.  

My philosophy to coaching is an athlete-centered approach. I consider the athlete’s goals, work schedule, and family time when creating a training plan. I coach using the latest verified science based physiology and biomechanics to ensure that my athletes are receiving training based on current best practices. The coach/athlete relationship is based on trust and communication and the athlete must always have a voice to ensure that the coach/athlete relationship is a true partnership centered around the athletes goals, dreams, and aspirations. I coach with a laid-back, but intense style as I believe that one can not achieve new heights while their coach is yelling, being negative, disrespectful, and bringing the athlete down. Together, we can achieve more.
— John
Level 2

Level 2