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Under John’s coaching, I have had the best training of my life and have worked with him to establish overall fitness and race goal events. I attribute my achievements directly to his coaching philosophies and guidance.

John’s coaching philosophy is suited for all types of athletes at all levels and abilities. The overall goal of his work is to provide his athletes with a quality, personalized training program that places the athlete at the center. He takes the time weekly and even daily to speak with me about my training program and make adjustments based on my busy work and personal life.

Based on my interaction with John, I know he spends a great amount of time and effort in preparing my plan. John takes into account my unique individual abilities, my work and family responsibilities, as well as my health history and my mental outlook. I believe the time John has spent in getting to know me is paramount to the quality of my training plan.

In closing, I would like to express my gratitude to John for the impact he has had on my cycling performance, swimming, and general fitness. In nine and half weeks, I have lost ~8 pounds and 9.5 inches. He takes the time and puts forth the effort to bring out the best in myself. John pulls on his wealth of experience to solve problems which has led me to a much healthier life.
— Sarah
I remember I always had a hard time keeping up with the intermediate group (15-17 mph pace on a 40 mile course) during the weekend rides and at the end I always got dropped. It really felt so frustrating. I started his program on January 2016 and after 3 months I ride with a race team and race occasionally.

John’s workouts are simple, precise, efficient, and very effective. It’s not like a typical bike ride though the park. The workouts are very structured and in line with my goals and needs.

His workout is all about quality not quantity. If you commit 1 hour a day on his workout, you will see awesome results”.
— Paul
Since I have started training under the direction of Results Fitness Systems, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my swimming, biking, and running. Through continued running analyses and drills, I am thrilled to have decreased my run times by a minute per mile. Having training plans that are developed based on how I am feeling, my work schedule, and school commitments has allowed me to get the most out of my workouts. I’ve pushed myself harder than I would have done on my own. I appreciate John being available to make last minute adjustments to my workouts and answering questions. I’m really looking forward to my races this year.
— Steph
Coach John Maines at Results Fitness has taken my fitness and racing to new levels. This Journey started almost 5 Years ago on September 1, 2012. I had just completed my yearly physical and my doctor warned me sternly about my weight and 56 inch belly. I was around 278 lbs at a height of 5’8”. I had tried dieting which didn’t work. I was told that I would have to exercise to jump-start my metabolism to burn the fat. I got my old Schwinn cycle off the wall and started to ride every morning. Eventually, I started doing triathlons. I always had a fast bike spit. However, my overall performance was not good enough. David Hardin owner of Biker’s Choice recommended I contact John.

My training with John has improved my bike times. My bike split at Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon was 3 minutes faster than the year before. I finished first overall Aqua-Bike at the Bret Robinson Alabama Costal. My bike split was the fastest ever with an average speed of 21 MPH. Thanks to John’s training I ended the season ranked 18th in the nation in my age group.

Starting in January, I started Masters Swim. Under John’s expert instruction, I am actually swimming races freestyle at a much improved pace. My first race this year was the fastest swim and run splits ever with a good bike split. I finished 3rd in my age group which is a first for me early season. At my next race Baptist Hospital Capital of Dreams aqua-bike, I cut my swim time in half and took 28 minutes off of my race time from last year for a second place overall finish.

I have completed 3 metric Centuries this year at much faster paces than last year. I completed the CRAM Metric 25 minutes faster than last year. I am on course for a fantastic season this year and hopefully many additional podium finishes in my future.

John has a deep concern for the well being of each of his athletes. He is sensitive to how we are feeling and tailors our workouts to what we need based on our current fitness levels. He is very focused on training me to prevent injuries and enable me to reach my goals. Enlisting John as my coach has been a great thing for me. With his expert guidance, I can reach all of my competitive goals and become a much healthier person.
— Kevin